St. Luke

Jesus Blesses His Disciples and Sends Them into the World

Luke 1: 1 - 4, 24: 44 - 53

We begin and end Luke's first book as we give thanks for this writer of the Word.

(Some people call the Book of Acts Luke II, meaning that Luke continued his story by talking about the lives of the early Christians after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.)

Luke repeats the story of Jesus' ascension into heaven at the beginning of the Book of Acts.

Theophilus is a Greek name which means someone who loves God. It may be the name of a real person, or it may be Luke's name for a student or disciple who loved God.


1. What did Jesus tell the disciples that the Bible said about him?

Jesus said the scriptures said that he must suffer, and then three days later rise from the dead.

2. Where did Jesus go for the ascension?

Jesus went to Bethany.

3. How did the disciples spend their time after Jesus' ascension?

The disciples spent their time in the Temple, praising God.


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