Saint Mary Magdalene

On This Earth You Are All I Want

Psalm 73: 25

The traditional symbol of Mary Magdalene is a dark red egg.

Because eggs are the symbol of the renewal of life, and because we are renewed constantly - not just on Easter morning - eggs are a Christian symbol used throughout the church year.

Hard-cook one egg for each child and dye them a deep red. (You may also use wooden or plastic eggs.)

Sponge the eggs with a coating of decoupage glue (ModPodge). Let dry ten minutes.

Cut Christian symbols from paper napkins or tissue paper. Make sure you are using only one layer of paper. Sponge another coating of ModPodge onto the front of the egg and quickly pat the cutouts into the glue. Repeat on the back of the egg.

Sponge on a final coating of glue and let dry.

Even though the glue is non-toxic, it may penetrate the shells, so please don't eat these eggs.

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