Second Sunday of Easter

Confirmation Instruction Lesson 13

The Lord Is My Chosen Portion and My Cup

Psalm 16: 5


The symbols of Holy Communion are of course the grapes and wheat of the bread and wine, but a most special symbol is the circle, as we complete the circle of believers when we participate in the sacrament at the table.

Find or make a round place mat in green or any neutral color.

Using a glue gun, attach a simple wreath of artificial grapes and stems of wheat. Use the smallest grapes you can find, and make the wreath as delicate as possible. Attach to the mat in whatever fashion is easiest with the glue gun.

Depending on the sophistication of your class, you could tuck various kinds of nuts into the wreath to symbolize the believers in the circle (you could even add simple faces to the nuts with markers.)

Encourage your class to use the place mats at home during the period of their instruction, as a daily reminder of their membership in the circle of believers.

Corinthian grapes (also called champagne grapes) can be found for very short seasons in the late summer or early fall in some parts of the country. Eating grapes that were eaten in Corinth in the time of St. Paul can be an extraordinary experience across time for your class (and they taste really good, too.)

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