Fourth Sunday of Pentecost

May the Peace of the Lord Be with You Always

As we repeat our greeting each Sunday morning and pass or share the peace with our neighbors, it might be fun to share the peas with them as well.

Using green felt and green pompoms, we can work in any of three sizes: 1/2 inch pompoms for refrigerator magnet-size, 1-inch pompons for 6-inch pods, or 2-inch pompons for oversized art.

Cut two identical pieces of felt in pea pod-shape for each pod. Glue them together with tacky glue and stuff with four or five pompoms for peas (a glue gun might work better here). Make sure the poms are showing, but not falling out.

Curl a pipe cleaner for the vine, and glue with a white flower to the end of the pod.

For the smallest size pods, glue a strip of magnet tape to the back (magnet side out) to stick on the refrigerator door.

This project might make a good Father's Day present - dads are usually pretty good at getting the joke.


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