Twenty-fourth Sunday of Pentecost

Zacchaeus Climbs Up to See Jesus

Luke 19: 1 - 10

Sycamore figs are large trees which provide shade along roadsides in Palestine.

The common fig is a major source of food in the Near East. Sycamore figs yield smaller fruits of a different quality, which are eaten by poor people.

King Herod rebuilt the city of Jericho as his winter palace.

1. Where did Zaccheus live?

[Zaccheus lived in Jericho.]

2. What did Zaccheus do for a living?

[Zaccheus was a tax collector.]

3. Where was Jesus going?

[Jesus was going to eat with Zaccheus.]

4. Why were the people complaining?

[The people believed Zaccheus was a sinner.]

5. Why did Jesus look for Zaccheus?

[Jesus came to look for and to save people who are lost.]


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