Twenty-sixth Sunday of Pentecost

In Times of Trouble, Jesus Gives Us Words and Wisdom

Luke 21: 5 - 19

Matthew 24: 1 - 14

Mark 13: 1 - 13


We began the church year in Advent by looking at last things, the second coming of Jesus Christ. And we end the year by again looking at the last things.

In this lesson, Jesus prepares his disciples for his death, the coming destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the hard times they will go through because they are his followers.

Many scholars see Jesus' references to the Temple as references to his own body and his own death on the cross, which came soon after this discussion. But the Temple itself was also destroyed soon after Jesus' death, and it has not been rebuilt to this day.

Even though hard times were coming, Jesus did everything he could to give his disciples courage. And he quotes God's words to Moses: I made your mouth; I gave you wisdom (Exodus 4: 11 -12).

What a good day to sing, I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me (With One Voice 673).


1. What does Jesus say will happen to the Temple?

[Jesus says not one stone will be left standing on top of another.]

2. What are some physical signs of the last days?

[There will be wars, riots, famines, disease, and earthquakes.]

3. What will happen to Jesus' followers?

[Jesus' followers will be placed on trial for their beliefs, and their families will abandon them.]

4. What will keep Jesus' followers safe?

[Jesus' followers will be saved by being faithful to him.]

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