Twenty-third Sunday of Pentecost

Every Good Thing I Have Is A Gift from You

Psalm 16: 2

Because God gives us so many wonderful gifts every day, we give gifts to one another, as well as giving him thanks and praise.

We honor the gift of learning with bookmarks, as we encourage one another to continue studying and learning about God.

Save used fabric softener sheets from the clothes dryer until you have at least one for each child.

Let each child choose very flat, natural objects - leaves, dried flower petals, feathers - and arrange them into a pattern that covers half the sheet.

Paint the entire sheet with white glue (like Elmer's), and glue the natural objects onto half the sheet. (The sheets are porous, so you will want to work on newspaper.) Fold the other half of the sheet gently on top of the first half, and then pat firmly together.

Let the bookmark dry. After it is dry, you may punch holes in the top and add ribbons or tassels to show the reader his or her place in the book.

This makes a very delicate bookmark that will not do damage to the most fragile books.

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