Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost

Your Words Came and I Ate Them

Jeremiah 15: 16

Jeremiah's need to incorporate the Word of God into himself led him to eat the scroll on which the words were written - he needed the words to be as close to his physical heart as possible.

We, too, love the Word of God, and treasure it with our bodies as well as with our souls and minds.

Make up a simple soup recipe. In Jesus' lifetime, the people would have eaten soups based on chicken (or game birds), lamb, or lentils - Esau's bowl of pottage may have been a red lentil stew. Tomatoes and potatoes are New World foods they didn't know about.

Add macaroni alphabet letters (although noodles and macaroni hadn't found their way from China to Palestine at that time, either). You may be able to find Hebrew alphabet macaroni in some ethnic food shops.

Let the children make words in their soup spoons, thanking God for the food with a table prayer, as they enjoy the goodness of a God who gives us good food and speaks kind words.

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