Fourth Sunday of Pentecost

All Creation Will Thank You

Psalm 145: 10

Birds thank God by singing, and flowers thank God by blooming. People thank God by praying and singing his praises.

Collect and wash one plastic water or soda bottle for each child.

To make the vase covers, cut coarse fabric (burlap is good - colored burlap is even better if you can find it) into shapes that will loosely cover, but not slide off, the bottles. Leave the bottoms open, so the bottles will rest directly on the surface underneath, not on the fabric.

Smaller children can fray the edges and glue the front and back pieces together.

Older children can sew the pieces together with colored yarn or cord (some of them may want to let the stitches show on the outside). They may need help threading the large needles.

Filled with fresh flowers, these vases can serve as altar flowers or chancel decorations on a special Sunday.








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