Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Finds Rock to Build On

Florists' foam makes great rocks.

It needs no carving tools: the pointed and eraser ends of ordinary pencils work best. The finished rock may be covered with spray glue and sand (ordinary from the beach, colored from craft shops), but the children seem quite satisfied with the rock-colored green which is the natural color of the foam.

They can be quite creative in what they carve: Peter's name or various Christian symbols like crosses or fish, a symbol the disciples often used.

Work on newspapers for the crumbs, but if you avoid the glue and extra layers of sand, this is a very simple and not very messy project.

If someone in your class has a rock polisher, you might want to wrap the solid rock of Peter's confessions with the gold cords or wires of the love of God to make a Father's Day paperweight.


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