The Transfiguration of Our Lord

Luke 9: 28 - 36

Mark 9: 2 - 8

Matthew 17: 1 - 9

II Peter 1: 16 - 18

Transfigure means to change in appearance, sometimes in even a supernatural way. As we read the lesson, we see that not only Jesus' face was changed, but also his clothing. The passage in Mark gives the most striking description.


1. Who went up on the mountain with Jesus?

[The disciples Peter and John and James went up the mountain with Jesus.]

2. Who appeared with Jesus on the mountaintop?

[Moses and Elijah appeared with him.]

3. What did the disciples offer to do?

[They offered to build three dwelling places, one each for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.]

4. What did the voice say from the sky?

[The voice said, "This is my son, my chosen; listen to him."]

5. When did we hear the voice speak before?

[We heard the voice speak at Jesus' baptism.]

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