Fifth Sunday of Easter

I Am Making Everything New

Revelation 21: 5

When God told Peter, "Rise, Peter, kill and eat," Peter and the early Christians understood the vision to mean that Christ had died for everyone, and that Peter was to tell everyone, of every race, color, gender, and ethnic group, the good news.

But that same vision also reminds us that Jesus fulfilled the entire law, and that Christians were no longer required to keep the Jewish dietary laws.

Many modern Jews still keep the entire dietary law written in the Book of Leviticus, which prohibits pork, shellfish, blood (the meat juices that many people use to make gravy), and the mixing of milk and meat (like beef Strogonoff).

Modern Muslims follow the rules forbidding pork and blood, but they see the rules against shellfish as cultural - some Muslims eat it and some won't. Some Muslims also don't eat turkey, but again, that is a cultural practice.

Christians see all of God's creation as good, and eat and don't eat as they choose as a matter of personal preference.

Put up the background and the banner.

Let the children make lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and oysters from layers of fun foam. Add big googly eyes, especially to the crabs. And enjoy the wonderful feast that God has prepared for us.



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