Fifth Sunday of Easter

God Sends Peter a Vision of Animals

Acts 11: 1 - 18

By the time of this story, after Jesus' ascension, the disciples were traveling a great deal. Peter had gone from Jerusalem to Joppa, and while he was there, three men were sent to escort him to Caesarea.

Peter had always been an observant Jew, keeping the dietary laws of Leviticus 11. This vision was very unsettling for him, but he understood from the vision that Gentiles (anyone who is not Jewish) are just as important to God as Jews are.

1. What did Peter see in his vision?

[Peter saw all kinds of ritually unclean animals, which he would think were disgusting to eat.]

2. What did the voice of God say to Peter?

[The voice said, "Get up, Peter, kill and eat."]

3. How many times did Peter see the animals?

[The animals reappeared three times in the same vision.]

4. Where did God send Peter after he saw the vision?

[Peter went to the house of a Gentile man in Caesarea.]


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