Sixth Sunday of Epiphany
God Redistributes Blessings and Heartaches

Luke 6: 17 - 26
Matthew 4: 23 - 25
Matthew 5: 1 - 12

Jesus continued to preach, teach and heal, attracting crowds of people who wanted to listen to him and to be healed of their troubles.

He continued to add disciples to his core group, until he had chosen twelve

The more famous version of this sermon is found in Matthew 5, where it is called the Sermon on the Mount.

1. Which people will God bless?
[God will bless the poor people, the hungry people, and the people who are crying.]

2. What will God do when people hate you and insult you?
[God will bless you.]

3. Who has a hard life ahead of them?
[The rich, well-fed, happy people will have their turn to be poor, hungry, and sad.]

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