Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Asks Some Tough Questions

Matthew 21: 23 - 32

Mark 11: 27 - 33

Luke 20: 1 - 8

In formal Jewish study, the scholars often answer a question with a question. The series of questions determines the direction of the conversation.

Jesus turns the question by bringing up the name of John the Baptizer, who had already been executed by Herod Antipas.

Even though he was dead, the name of John could still put people in danger, and the chief priests ended the discussion.

1. Where was Jesus teaching?

[Jesus was teaching in the Temple in Jerusalem.]

2. What did the chief priests of the Temple want to know?

[The chief priests wanted to know who had given Jesus the authority to teach there.]

3. How did Jesus answer them?

[Jesus asked them who gave John the Baptizer the right to baptize.]

4. What did the priests answer?

[They told Jesus they didn't know.]

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