The Twenty-third Sunday of Pentecost

A Fearful Man Hides His Treasure

Matthew 25: 14 - 30

Luke 19: 11 - 27

Jesus came to earth so that we might live lives of faith instead of lives of fear.

He tell a story about a fearful man who is not only punished by his own fear, but who is also punished by the man he fears, as well.

This story becomes a harsh lesson, but Jesus knew that fear builds on itself, doubles back, and increases to something much greater than the fear was in the first place.

This story is a another parable. Can we figure out who the characters in the story stand for?

1. In the story, who is the master of the servants?

[In the story, the master of the servants represents God.]

2. In the story, who are the servants?

[The servants are the people of God.]

3. In the story, the master gives the servants a lot of money. What does the money represent?

[The money represents all the gifts that God gives to his people.]

4. What did the fearful servant do with the money?

[The fearful servant buried the money in the ground.]

5. What does God want us to do with all the things he gives us?

[God wants us to use and to share with others all the things that he gives us.]


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