Easter Day

Now Set Your Hearts on What Is in Heaven

Colossians 3: 1

All that we know of the reality of heaven is that we take absolutely nothing with us - whatever we find in heaven will be brand new to us.

We know that we leave all our troubles and sorrows behind us, and that everything that happens there is joyful.

But it can be difficult for children to imagine a spiritual place without a physical setting.

The wonderful description of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation may be John's vision of the new city on the new earth that replaces this one, rather than what we call the Heavenly City.

Copy the verse on light green card stock, and let the children make collages of found objects of what they think they might find in heaven.

And be prepared for a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion.

For a more complex project, you might like to make the suncatcher or the cover of the Heavenly City.


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