Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus Is the True Vine

John 15: 1 - 8

The pagan gods of Palestine, like the pagan gods of its Roman occupiers, were cold, aloof, and judgmental.

But the God of Israel is a loving, caring and compassionate God, sending Jesus to be everyone's Good Shepherd.

In this passage, Jesus tells us that he is closer to us than even a shepherd is to his sheep. He says that we are as closely connected to him as branches are to a grape vine (like tree branches to a tree trunk).

We are such a part of him that without him we have no life at all. Instead of being a god who is far away and often unreachable, Jesus is a part of everything we say and everything we do.

1. Who does Jesus say he is?

[Jesus says he is the true vine.]

2. Who is God the Father?

[God the Father is the gardener.]

3. What can we do without Jesus?

[Without Jesus we can do nothing; we will dry up and wither away.]

4. Who is honored when we become fruitful disciples of Jesus?

[God the Father is honored when we become fruitful disciples of Jesus.]

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