Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

Jesus Makes Enemies in his Hometown

Luke 4: 21 - 30
Matthew 13: 53 - 58
Mark 6: 1 - 6

Jesus had been teaching and preaching throughout the countryside around the Sea of Galilee for some time, when he decided to return to his hometown of Nazareth.

He had been well-received everywhere he went, with crowds of people following him, hanging on every word.

The people of Nazareth had known him since he was a small boy, and they did not want to admit that he had grown up to be someone special.

1. What does Jesus say about the prophets?
[Jesus said that none of them were like by the people of their hometowns.]

2. How many widows did the prophet Elijah save from starvation during the famine?
[Elijah saved only one widow.]

3. How many lepers did the prophet Elisha cure?
[He cured only one Syrian, Naaaman.]

4. How did the people of Nazareth react to Jesus' preaching?
[They tried to throw him over a cliff.]

5. Did Jesus escape?
[Yes, he slipped through the crowd and got away.]

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