Fifth Sunday of Epiphany
Jesus' Disciples Catch Lots of Fish

Luke 5: 1 - 11
Matthew 4: 18 - 22
Mark 1: 16 - 20

The story of the calling of the disciples varies from Gospel to Gospel, but some elements remain constant: the disciples were individually hand-picked
by Jesus, and they immediately left their own pursuits to follow him.

The fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John, were earning responsible livelihoods when Jesus called them to follow him. How would we respond if Jesus asked us to drop everything and follow him, leaving school, jobs, home, and families at once?

As we consider this difficult question, we sing from Rejoice, "What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus? What Does It Mean to Go His Way?"

1. Who owned the boat?
[Simon Peter owned the fishing boat.]

2. What was Jesus doing in the boat?
[Jesus sat in the boat to preach and teach.]

3. What happened when the fishermen took the boats into deep water?
[They caught so many fish that the nets burst.]

4. What did Jesus promise his disciples?
[He promised that they would fish for people instead of fish.]

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